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Blog Writing Services: Ultimate SEO Hack For Small Businesses!

Blog writing is a cost-effective method of promoting your business with various benefits that many small businesses aren't utilizing! More than 60% of small business use blogs as their marketing strategy, and those that don't are slowly starting to.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is a Business Blog?
  2. What Should My Blog Posts Talk About?
  3. Blog Writing is Essential for Small Business
  4. What are Blog Writing Services?
  5. What to Look For in a Blog Writing Service
  6. Contact Bellio Digital to Write Your Blogs
  7. Blog Writing Service FAQs

Blog writing is a cost-effective method of promoting your business with various benefits that many small businesses aren’t utilizing! More than 60% of small business use blogs as their marketing strategy, and those that don’t are slowly starting to.

Blog writing for small businesses can include many types of content that can help promote your business, increase brand visibility, generate leads, and increase your ROI.

Below, we’ll cover blog writing for small businesses and why you should start creating blog posts for your business!

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What is a Business Blog?

Blog posts that are centered around a business are called business blogs. A business blog post consists of content that can help increase visibility, increase conversion rate, and promote the business to a target audience.

Unlike personal blog posts, bloggers that write business blogs use professional or technical language and promote confidence in their niche. There are different kinds of blog posts that different businesses can use. These include how-to guides, product descriptions, service comparisons, and tips.

Business blog posts are divided into four distinct types mentioned below.

1. CEO Blog Post

CEO blogs share information with customers related to the thought process of the business’s CEO. This type of content is highly credible and accurate and holds excessive authority amongst a customer base. CEO blog posts are the perfect blog type for small businesses, as this is the perfect method of increasing trust and credibility amongst your audience.

2. Department Blog Post

Department blogs are centered around one part of a business, such as the production, design, or marketing department. These blog posts can help customers better know your business and feel more connected and emotionally invested in the company.

3. General Blog Post

General blog posts are a type of broad department blog that covers all company departments. These blogs address the perspective of different company employees to give a better idea of how your company conducts business.

4. Marketing Blog Post

Product blogs are the most common business blog centered around your business product or services. Marketing the products or services include different type of content that increase visibility and generates leads.

What Should My Blog Posts Talk About?

While most businesses understand the importance of blogging, most do not know what their blog posts can talk about.

Blog writing for business covers a wide range of topics and types, and most business blog writers get too caught up in what to write that they spend too much time deciding what to write rather than writing it.

1. Tutorials and Troubleshooting

Most online searches include tutorial searches from people who wish to learn something new. Tutorials and how-to guides can help engage an audience and provide educational and promotional content under the guise of one topic.

The essential thing to focus on when you write tutorials is to make it easy to understand and skim through. The best thing to do would be to break down the tutorial into steps. Tutorials are the cornerstone for all businesses, either B2B or B2C.

2. Infographics

Infographics include images of various types to provide easy-to-read information to reads. These images effectively provide information, generate traffic, and reduce bounce-back rates. Infographics do not necessarily mean high-quality pictures but can include charts, graphs, animations, and more.

3. Case Studies

Case Studies effectively increase brand credibility and are fairly easy to write. Case studies include stories of customers that have used your products and have experienced great success in using them. These success stories increase consumer trust in your product, as they are more likely to trust the words of another customer.

4. Video Blogs

Video blogs, also called vlogs, are becoming a popular blogging method and continue gaining more popularity each day. Most video blogs are posted on YouTube, after which you can embed the video blog on your website.

Video blogs are shorter and allow you to connect with your audience more effectively than long-form articles. According to Semrush, articles that include videos get 83% more traffic than those that don’t. Additionally, peers share videos more than articles, especially for troubleshooting blogs!

5. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are must-have blog content for your business website if your business sells products.

Before any purchase, consumers search for products online to get their specifications and understand whether they need them.

Product descriptions must be short and to the point. Adding bullet lists to your product descriptions can help make them easier to read. Additionally, adding product reviews can further increase product credibility.

There’s no doubt that a business would be biased toward its product, so most customers tend not to believe in the word of businesses unless they have proof to back up their claims.

Such proof comes from product reviews from customers or credible award websites!

6. Podcasts

The podcast industry is growing daily, with over 383 million podcast listeners globally, including a hundred million Americans. Podcasts are audio files that listeners can download or stream online.

The best way to create a podcast for your business website is to create a written transcript. Podcasts transcript requires you to be adept in content writing for podcasts, and most businesses employ blog writing services, such as Bellio Digital!

7. Listicles

Listicles are an excellent way of delivering content that makes it easy to read and provides information that the customer wants.

Lists make the information easily digestible and precise, and you can create a list for any subject. Creating a list that can get you the top ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google is essential!

8. Checklists

Checklists are a great way of helping your customers with any tasks and should be short and easy to understand. While checklists are difficult for product-oriented businesses, they provide the ultimate content for businesses that provide services.

However, that does not mean businesses dealing with products can not create checklists. Most businesses create blogs with checklists and then introduce their services in a call to action at the end. This is a great way of capturing consumer attention and directing them to your website.

9. Behind the Scenes

Although most visitors prefer content that answers their interest, creating content about yourself and building trust with converted customers is important. Behind-the-scenes content includes how you came up with the idea, the struggles you faced, and how your product or services are carried out.

This content gives insight into your business and creates an emotional connection with the targeted audience!

10. Social Media Content

Special blog content geared toward social media marketing can help you reach a wider audience, increase visibility, and improve customer conversion rates.

Social media content is more likely to get shared among your audience and is easy and quick to read. Social media content can include:

  • Preview Posts

  • Photo Albums

  • Memes

  • Surveys

  • Quizzes

11. Email Automation

Email automation includes creating email campaigns sent to a prepared list of potential customers. Blog content is great for providing helpful educational content to your prospects.

Automatically sending educational content through emails when someone signs up for your email list is called a Long Term Nurture Campaign.

This is a great option for the 97% of leads who aren’t ready to buy right away, compared to the 3% who are.

Blog Writing is Essential for Small Business

It can be easy to lose focus when writing blogs and forget the basics of blog writing. 

Below are some essential things to remember when writing a business blog!

1. Know Your Audience

When writing a business blog, remember who you are writing it for. You can write different blogs, each for its own target audience. Your blog should aim to solve a potential customer’s problem or give the required information that your customer is looking for.

Additionally, depending on the type of audience you are writing your blog for, you must pay attention to the tone you use. You must use a formal tone if the blog is informative and educational. However, using too much formal tone can alienate your customers.

Similarly, if you are writing your blog for a beginner, avoid using too many technical terms that your reader is unfamiliar with. However, that does not mean not using any. Using technical terms increases brand trust as the customer realizes that you are adept in the knowledge about your niche.

2. Plan and Research

Before you dive into writing a blog, plan about what you want and how to write. Researching your audience and SEO keywords is essential to creating a blog. Similarly, plan the kind of blog you want to create, which could be any of the previous types.

3. Create Unique and Valuable Content

There is a lot of competition when it comes to content marketing. Your business might have competitors that are creating blogs for similar topics. The trick is to stand out among the white sheep.

Make your content unique and optimize it to catch the reader’s attention.

You can use pictures, infographics, slides, and more. However, you must put enough focus on creating valuable content. Make sure the blog serves its purpose!

4. Frequency of Posts

While there is a debate on the right frequency of posts, where some say you should post once a day while others say once a week, the key is to keep it consistent. You must keep posting blogs regularly, but that does not mean posting five blogs back to back and then hibernate for a month or two.

Search engines prefer fresh content; the more frequent your posts, the better your page ranking.

5. Word Count

The word count for your blog depends primarily on the type of blog you are writing. Generally, long-form articles work the best.

Pro Tip: Based on each Surfer SEO Content Editor we create for your blogs, we’ll be able to tell you the best range of words to use for each blog (see image above)!

What are Blog Writing Services?

While blog writing for small businesses can include different types of blogs with a wide range of topics to cover, writing such content can be difficult. Your content must be well written, well marketed, and have an SEO strategy.

When small business have too much on their plate in-house, they employ blog writing services. These blog writing services have trained writers with the necessary skills and experience to create blogs for your business!

Creating content requires many steps before you are ready to publish your blog. These steps can be complicated and time-consuming when done on your own. Many small businesses opt for handing these tasks over to agencies.

1. Blog Writing Services Allow Businesses to Focus On Their Work

Blog writing is a part of content marketing that requires excessive focus and consumes a lot of time.

Small business owners find it difficult to juggle their work and blog writing, as both are equally important and require equal amounts of attention: which can be a whole lot.

Blog writing services can help you deliver good quality content on your behalf and help you use the time on your business to help it grow.

Outsourcing blog writing can make everything less stressful and allow you to focus on your growth as a company!

2. Blog Writing Services Help Choose Blog Topics

Blog titles are the first thing a potential customer will see when they search online and greatly influences whether the customer will click on your blog or not.

Your blog title must be engaging and relevant to customer requests.

Finding blog topics are the first step to blog writing, and it can be complicated to find the right topic that can keep the audience engaged and help them focus on your business.

Blog writing services research your niche and targeted audience to understand the kind of topic they are looking for and create content based on those topics. Additionally, they can create many different topics and schedule the release of these topics to help you stay on top of the content game.

3. Blog Writing Services Help with Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of blog writing. Potential customers search for content using specific words, and these words generate clicks. Your website’s rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) depends on the number of hits they get combined with how well-optimized your content is.

A high-quality blog includes long-tail and short-tail keywords to optimize your blog for the best rank.

Good blog writing services will possess the necessary skills to research keywords in your niche and help you create keywords to get excellent results.

4. Blog Writing Services Create SEO-Optimized Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the base of all content creation. The 21st century saw marketing on a new level: online. While advertisements are still the biggest marketing strategy, online content marketing is quickly catching up. However, there is competition to get to the top.

SEO content involves creating SEO content on which content to create, the use of keywords, and how to market the content.

Writers that have written content for search engine optimization know the extensive process and talent required to provide quality content.

While these tasks sound complicated, good blog writing services can do them effectively. With years of experience under their belt, they can create SEO content for your business.

5. Blog Writing Services Help You Avoid Mistakes

One huge difference between writing a blog yourself and outsourcing it to professional blog writers is that they can avoid common mistakes you wouldn’t know of. These mistakes can include:

  • The tone of your blog post

  • Overstuffing keywords

  • Organizing your data

  • Evidence and backlinks

  • Grammatical

While these mistakes do not seem like much, they can influence the reader’s experience, which will cause your business to lose authority and credibility over time. 

What to Look For in a Blog Writing Service

There are many blog writing services that you can find. However, not every service is a good one that can make the best blog content for your business.

Knowing what to look for in a blog writing service is essential!

1. Their Reliability

The first thing to check is the reliability of a blog writing service. While many services make promises, their primary purpose is to get you into the door. Blog writing services must be reliable, including delivering on time, maintaining communication, and providing results!

A quick way to assess reliability is to look at customer reviews that the company got from customers and different agencies.

2. Their Ability to Understand Your Goals

Content marketing includes creating goals for your business. These goals make it easier for your to assess whether the content is working or if it requires changing. Goals can include:

  • Customer Conversion Rates

  • Lead Generation

  • ROI

  • Click Rates

A professional blog writing service will ask you about your goals and work hard to achieve them. Additionally, they will keep continuous communication to ensure they completely understand your business goals.

You can assess their ability to understand your goals by the questions they ask. It is essential to give all the required information to the blog writing services to get the perfect content for your business.

3. If They Provide Consistent High-Quality Content

When working with a content writing service, you must have long-term contact. Blog writing is never complete, and there is no end goal for the number of blogs your business will post. You must look for a blog service that consistently provides high-quality work.

A good blog writing service should be able to maintain good quality throughout the duration of your time together. If the quality starts to fall, it might be time for a change.

Ask for their work portfolio or a trial piece to see the type of content they provide.

4. Their SEO Optimization Skills

SEO is an essential part of content creation. A blog writer service that you employ must have the necessary SEO skills. They should be able to research keywords and audiences and create content for your target client base. Additionally, they should be familiar with SEO tools, especially Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO is an optimization tool that can help writers create content that ensures a good SERP ranking. This tool helps to optimize keyword selection, keyword density, word count, pictures, and more.

Bellio Digital even uses Surfer SEO to analyze recent search trends on search engines to quickly create possible topics and keywords for your blogs.

5. If They Have a Diverse Portfolio

Content writing services employ professional writers who can create all blog content types. Your business will post different blogs, and you must ensure that your blog writing services can provide different types of high-quality blog posts!

Contact Bellio Digital to Write Your Blogs

Bellio Digital is a content writing service with years of experience in content creation. They have trained writers that can provide high-quality SEO content regularly and meet your business goals. We were voted the “Best Ad Agency of 2022” by Fort Lauderdale Magazine and can provide you with beyond-satisfactory work!

We’re excited to hear from you!

Blog Writing Service FAQs

1. Can I hire someone to write my blog?

Yes. Many businesses outsource work to professional blog writers and blog writing services such as Bellio Digital to save time and get high-quality content. These writers can create content to increase visibility, readability, conversion rate, ROI, and more. They can charge you per word or monthly, and some offer a money-back guarantee and a short turnaround time.

2. Which is the best blog writing service?

There are many writing services that you can go with.

Bellio Digital is one such digital marketing agency that was voted “Best Ad Agency of 2022” by Fort Lauderdale Magazine. With our high-quality writing and strategies, our content has been proven to help businesses rank for their desired keywords.

Our SEO-optimized blogs cost $0.08 per word and you’ll get unlimited revisions AND images.

3. How much do blog writing services cost?

Different services have different price for their services. You can either pay per word or monthly. While most will allow you to pay their fee per word, monthly payments are the best way to get the best price since you will be hiring these services long-term.

Our SEO-optimized blogs cost $0.08 per word and you’ll get unlimited revisions AND images.

4. How much is a 1000 word blog post?

At Bellio Digital, we charge $0.08 per word (with unlimited images). So, a Surfer SEO-Optimized, high-quality 1,000 word blog post will cost you only $80!

5. How much does a 1500 word blog post cost?

At Bellio Digital, we charge $0.08 per word (with unlimited images). So, a Surfer SEO-Optimized, high-quality 1,500 word blog post will cost you only $120!

6. How much does a 2000 word blog post cost?

At Bellio Digital, we charge $0.08 per word (with unlimited images). So, a Surfer SEO-Optimized, high-quality 2,000 word blog post will cost you only $160!

7. How do I find a writer for my blog?

While you can go on Fiverr and Upwork to quickly find writers for your blogs, we would not recommend it. That’s like paying for a steak and getting it served raw. It’s definitely biased, but if you go with our service, you know you’re getting Surfer SEO-Optimized, high quality content, free images, and schema markups — for a better price.

8. How much do agencies charge for blogs?

On the high end, agencies will charge anywhere from $250-500 per blog post, and many of these agencies will still compromise on quality in favor of quick delivery. At Bellio Digital, you won’t be paying nearly as much while getting all of the quality you need to achieve your goals and accurately represent your business.

9. What are blog services?

Businesses can employ blog services to take over the content marketing portion of their business. This is a great option for businesses who are looking to focus on improving the actual processes and infrastructure necessary to scale up to their true goals.

10. Who is offering the best blog writing services?

We may be biased, but we’ll say Bellio Digital. After trying basically every blog writing service under the sun and being thoroughly disappointed with quality, effectiveness, and efficacy, we decided to make our own blog writing service that never compromises on quality and ALWAYS delivers the best possible work to our clients.

11. How much does it cost to hire someone to write a blog post?

According to, “salaries of Blog Writers in the US range from $10,708 to $217,879 , with a median salary of $39,878 .”

12. How much does it cost to pay someone to write an article?

On Fiverr it may only cost someone $30 to write a blog post for your business. But beware, most of these sellers are not providing high quality content, which WILL negatively impact your business goals.

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